Physical Therapy

You have just seen your physician and were given a prescription for physical therapy. You may ask yourself, 'What is this and how is it going to help me?'

Physical Therapists are part of your Health Care Team. We are experts in the science of movement and the art of healing. Most physical therapists are not specialists in one body part, but focus on the whole body. It is this whole body approach which makes physical therapy at Maximum Impact unique and effective in treating your pain.

Our job as a physical therapist is to find the causes of your symptoms and to guide you through the healing process. Individual cases are different, but there are three common themes: education, exercise, and hands on care.


Education is the key component with all treatments. Understanding why you are experiencing pain and where it is coming from is essential to helping you reduce pain and dysfunction. You may come into therapy with shoulder pain, but during the examination we will look at your whole body and how it works together. Joints and muscles above and below the area of your injury may be contributing to your pain. The physical therapist will assess these areas to see if they are contributing to your shoulder pain.


Your physical therapist will then prescribe exercises to be done at the clinic and at home. These exercises are designed specifically to your condition. They will improve mobility, strength, and coordination. These exercises and education are essential to your therapy success. A typical patient is seen 2 times a week for one hour sessions, or roughly two hours of therapy. What do you do with the rest of your time during the week is the key to your long term success. Through better movement, ergonomics, and understanding, you’re pain will be greatly reduced and you’re lifestyle greatly improved.

Hands On Care

In addition physical therapists may use his/her hands to mobilize joints, stretch, and perform soft tissue work. Restoring proper muscle and joint flexibility is essential to restoring pain free function so you can feel your best.

Education, exercises and hands on work are what we enjoy about being a physical therapist. It is exciting to see someone who was in pain finish their course of therapy pain free. And perhaps even more important, through physical therapy, they have gained enough understanding that they can keep the pain from returning.

MI Philosophy (Treatment)

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"We're going to partner with you to find those exact exercises that you need, not some kind of textbook routine."

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