When Darren and I co-founded Maximum Impact we had no idea what we were doing, nor did we know why we were doing it.  Over the past seven years it has become quite clear what our God given Purpose is for Maximum Impact.  To Give, Grow, and Serve; and To Transform Lives at Work and in Our Community.  

One of the reasons we exist is so that we can add value to others who need opportunity, CARE and LOVE, or need something tangible that we can give because God has given us the ability to do so.  This includes our Staff, Patients, and Community.

We don’t take the responsibility we have been given for granted.  We are intentional about committing our time and resources, and with over 10% of our Profits going to organizations we partner with, we believe we are making an impact.  Whether we are walking with Beat Cancer Boot Camp, or we’re raising money to build a Water Well for starving children around the world, we believe we are making a difference within our sphere of influence for the greater good of our local community and around the world.

I always tell Darren, "I'm not LIVING unless I'm GIVING!"  There is no greater joy than to give something that can help fulfill someone’s dream.  It’s overwhelming to think of how many people go without, and I often wonder,“Who do we give to today? Who has the greatest need?  How will this small gift make a difference?  How can we help someone meet their best potential?”  But I know that God knows the needs and He shows us the people He wants us to help.

Every Person Matters

Even if it’s just one person per month, or one per year that is met by our gifting.  There is no greater joy than to give food and water to a starving child, or to give a gift at Christmas to make them smile.  Ask yourself,“What am I on this earth for?”  Most of us try to find value in our accomplishments and possessions, which ultimately leaves us dissatisfied and unfulfilled.  Living our lives with Purpose gives us joy and meaning in our lives.

My hope is that you’ll partner with us at Maximum Impact to make a difference in someone’s life TODAY!  Each month we sponsor a different organization, so come back often and check the organizations we support page to see who we’re partnering with to help change a life!

Eliza Bayliss

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